What inspired Dave Hemmingson "to build the best" in performance boats: fascination, passion or obsession? DCB is the mechanism that Dave utilized to bring his secret ambition to fulfillment. DCB has sustained the most significant and ambitious new model development and tooling program in the industry, encompassing fifteen new boat models in just over 20 years.

In just over two decades, Dave and the DCB crew have redefined the boundaries of the custom boat world. This is the result of endless dedication to "state of the art" boat production, a desire to be forerunners in the industry and attaining a level of quality workmanship that is unparalleled.

Unlike most conventional boat builders, every boat produced at DCB is treated as an individual, unique creation, customized to the precise wishes and desires of each intended owner. Every model is an original, created in-house by DCB factory trained technicians, using the latest and most advanced design and construction technologies available today.

From concept to delivery, every boat produced at DCB is a project of passion; a passion for endless self-critique, re-evaluation of design, and refined production techniques. Each DCB is the newest "work of art" complementing our ever-growing gallery of boats. Dave's Custom Boats is the company striving to make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary in all aspects.

DCB continues to dominate the industry in family performance boating. Research our product and talk to people who own a DCB. We hope you chose to join our DCB Family of Performance Boaters and become one of our many satisfied customers.